About Us>> Partnering From Day One

For most people, undertaking the construction of a new home, a home addition, or a major renovation is a significant commitment of time and money. It is normal to experience feelings ranging from joy to apprehension – often simultaneously.

One part of our job is to listen carefully, identify all of  your concerns, and make them our priority. The other part is to minimize the demands on your time, especially if you are many miles away from the Cape.

We view our clients as partners. We each have clear responsibilities. By working together and communicating clearly and often, we ensure that your home’s project is completed in an orderly and timely manner.

Detailed house plans and specifications establish the basis for a contract. Good communication and mutual trust are essential for its success.

To ensure a smooth and stress free project, we adhere to the following:

  • Joint review of plans and specifications prior to the start of a project
  • Review of a “Selection Check List” which spells out all the specifications the client will be responsible for selecting
  • 24/7 Online client access and management of project information
  • Weekly emails that include photos and reports on the progress of your project
  • Assisting you with any and all selections of materials, goods, and services – from shingles to tiles, from plumbing fixtures to the mail box
  • Our office is covered Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Beyond this, we assure you a rapid response to your phone call or email 24/7

Our 3-D planning process

Reading and understanding construction plans can be difficult for clients. So, we provide you with state-of-the-art three dimensional computerized design plans. You can view your project in 3-D from any angle. You can see views out of any window of any room to envision how you, your family, and guests will enjoy your Cape Cod landscape and scenic vistas. You can position your furniture in a particular room too!

3-D technology provides you with the maximum level of comfort before any construction work actually begins. Click here to see what a model 3-D plan looks like.

You can rotate your home design plan so you can see it from any and all angles just as if you were walking around the finished project. We can make changes while you watch.

We are dedicated to superior performance, while making our client’s experience exciting, enjoyable and problem free